Rumble Purr Sound Therapy

"Feline Surround Sound" ©Dr. Penny, Jungle, Whispers

It was the middle of the night.  I lay wide-awake in a strange bed in a big house far from home.  The refrigerator upstairs cut in and vibrated the floor.  It sounded a bit like a cat purring, so I decided to pretend it was one of my cats, in hopes it would make me feel at home and lull me off to sleep.  I tuned into the sound, and immediately felt nauseous.  A fridge motor does NOT have the same soothing quality of sound as a cat purring. 

There are many forms of sound therapy out there.  Some people find repetitive chanting or singing of ancient mantras to be therapeutic.  The mind is stilled by giving it an easy repetitive task to focus on.  In addition, each sacred word within the mantra carries an energetic quality, built over time every time that word is used.  Even if the word is in a language that you don’t understand, you can still benefit from saying it.  Many chants contain the tone called “ohm” (similar to C on the music scale) thought to have a universal healing quality.  

Tuning forks have an exquisitely precise tone and vibration.  They are used in acoustic therapy and to stimulate acupuncture points.  Tuning forks with different notes are applied to certain points on the body in certain sequences for specific problems.  It is a complex field of study.  

There are singing bowls from ancient traditions.  Each bowl is shaped to play a different note on the musical scale.  Once vibrating, these bowls will fill a room with rich sound and reverberate not just through the tissues of the body, but an entire building.  

We have all heard stories of the priceless violin handed down from one generation to the next.  Hand crafted bells, ancient chimes, and various musical instruments are revered for the purity of sound they elicit.  Musicians bring quality to an instrument and an instrument augments quality of a musician.  There are certain handcrafted drums the perfect size, shape and resonance for certain people.  

Different instruments and rhythms form different styles of music that attract different kinds of people in different kinds of moods.  When you find the perfect song or note within a song, to match what your heart is craving, it can be deeply therapeutic.  (Just like nutritional wisdom – when a body is low in salt it will crave a salt rich food to restore balance.)  Sound can restore harmony on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 

Rumble Purr Therapy GAMES

Have you ever seen an angry or scared cat purr?  Cats purr when they are happy and content – perhaps even approaching a state of bliss.  Therefore, the purr carries that energy field with it.  In addition, the purr is a repetitive sound, just like an ancient mantra, to focus and still your mind.  I do not know if a cat purr contains the “ohm” note, but that would be an interesting study. 

Put your full attention on listening to your cat purr.  Or better yet, if your cat is in the mood to cuddle, curl up next to him so that you can feel the vibration as well as hear it. 

Start by listening with your ears.  Then close your eyes and feel inside at the same time as you listen.  You may begin to notice a slight fluctuation in sensation as the purr changes from inhalation to exhalation.  By paying attention to the sensation, it may build, like chi in an acupuncture needle.  After awhile it might feel like an internal massage – of your heart, or hands or wherever you find yourself internally focused. 

ADVANCED – Focus on the pleasant sensation in your hands or heart while you pet your purring cat.  Follow your cats lead.  Notice what strengthens the purr and follow that rhythm.  Both you and your cat will be amazed at your new finesse. 

ADVANCED- While listening to your favorite mantra or cat purr, focus the sensation in your hands and place hands over an area of the body that is tense or injured and could use a little TLC (tender loving care).  Relax and enjoy. 


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