Anything is Possible with Everything – The Practice of Connection Medicine

"Connection Medicine" ©Dr. Penny with equine friend at dusk in CO

“Connected Being” ©Dr. Penny with equine friend at dusk in CO

Ha, yes, well sitting on my couch, I am actually getting pretty darn decent at connection. In one breath I can be somewhat tuned in, and in a few more I can deepen to the point of never wanting to leave.

“When I stopped trying to understand why the horse had joined our meditation group, it became clear. I slowed and deepened my breath to match his. Soon I was adrift in a beautiful world without thought. It was that feeling like just before you drop off to sleep where you are so tired you completely surrender. Only I did not fall asleep. Such a deep love was bathing me that it seemed unnecessary to ever sleep again.” ~Excerpt from ‘Horsey Heaven’

But then there is the whole reality check of showing up somewhere besides the couch thing, that can shatter that peaceful serenity in an instant. So don’t blast off that couch too quick! Savor the transition. Bookmark the state between deep restful being and bringing it into living.

"Waking Up on the River" ©Dr. Penny, Skykomish River, WA

“Morning Mist” ©Dr. Penny, Skykomish River, WA

“As soon as you wake up in the morning, notice how absolutely comfortable your body is. Sink into where your body touches the bed and the wonderful coziness of that. Or let that separation dissolve and simply feel the beautiful gentle buzz of being an energy ball. Flip flop on that edge. Feel the sheets on your skin and then go a bit deeper back to where you do not.” ~Excerpt from ‘Wakeup Sleepyhead’

That moment of sweet still suspension … that cellular aliveness in love and pure potential … that relaxed excitement to be reverent curious openness … that comfortable in your own skin bubbling cauldron of power … just before a ripple occurs … the state where you have become rejuvenation …. THAT IS HOW TO MEET THE ANIMAL (or person or common dandelion) YOU THINK YOU ALREADY KNOW.

"Master Teacher in Disguise" ©Dr. Penny, Front Range Equine Rescue, CO

“Master in Disguise” ©Dr. Penny, Front Range Equine Rescue, CO

“You receive the gift of meeting someone whose heart has blossomed through the years; who maintains a sense of humor; whose eyes see beauty that others do not; who spreads joy wherever they go; that loves life more with every breath. You meet a rare and sacred gem that can be disguised as a silent old rack of bones.” ~Excerpt from ‘The End Result’.

Animals can be easier to cultivate still awareness with than people. But with a few skills and a little practice (thank you it is possible with people too. Once you are tuned into still awareness together, eventually ripples start to form and a game of heart tennis begins. I love the exquisite amplification on the circling up, mutual ascension that can occur when more than one heart is engaged. A new version of completeness, differently yummy than what is possible alone, arises.

“You wonder what it is. Then you see the twinkle in their eye and realize who it is. It is the essence of your animal partner dancing with you, through you, giggling you from the inside out. You have never had the spaciousness to feel this delicious way before. Eyes deep with reciprocated warmth surround and bathe you. Trust, fascination and reverence bounce back and forth.” ~Excerpt from ‘Healing Circle’.

"Connection in Movement" ©Thelwell

“Ride As One” ©Thelwell

Such an experience is a more comprehensive way to experience ‘synergy’ than mere physical cooperation. Ok, next is connection medicine in movement. This is when the practice truly becomes funny, and you can’t help but laugh with yourself (as a loving parent watching a child learn to walk, AND also the child delighting in one step would), as you bumble along.

“Everywhere she goes, Easter has an entourage. The chickens, cats, dogs, wild ones, all like to be with her. Kind of like the pied piper. One day she invited me along to show me some things. Keen to learn and excited to join her, I leapt to my feet. As I did, I saw her eye twitch and realized all her other friends had begun to scramble and scatter.” ~Excerpt from ‘Motorcycle Man’.

But glimpses of the real deal will blow your socks off now and then.

“I couldn’t help but stare mesmerized as I had been watching the palm trees moments before. The movement was so beautiful. My fingers had become the individual leaves, my hands and arms the stems. Soon my body was the trunk. For the rest of the evening, I watched myself move in perfect flow and harmony with trees, wind, ocean and music.” ~Excerpt from ‘Party with Hawaii’.

"Surfs Up" ©Dr. Penny, Hanalei, Kauai

“Surfs Up” ©Dr. Penny, Hanalei, Kauai

Then there is creating your own little ditty along with another point of creation. Yup, like the surfer dude doing tricks. Not trying to fix the ocean, simply enjoying the ride. It is like writing a few words in your journal only to find yourself swept into the world’s next great novel; or some idle doodling that takes on the life force of a masterpiece. Where you end up and what will be created when the dance comes full circle and re-enters still point, you will never know unless you dance the dance.

“That is what it is like to apply a therapeutic modality in a non-intrusive way to an animal. Tune in energetically to what is already playing before you join in. Otherwise the conductor may shake the stick at you. It is kind of like joining in to sing “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream” at the right place and tempo, so the rest of the group is not forced to scramble to synch up with you”. ~Excerpt from ‘Rhythm’.

"A Glimpse of Riding the Wake" © Dr. Penny at Telegraph Cove, BC, Canada

“A Glimpse of Riding the Wake” © Dr. Penny at Telegraph Cove, BC, Canada

Sometimes even then you will not know the fullness of your creation. But if you pause for a moment to savor, you can sense it, the miraculous beauty rippling out, and you realize you may have done your very best days work ever. How do you know? By how good you feel.

“To determine if an interaction is healing or not consider the following definition: “Healing is anything that moves us towards a greater sense of physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual well-being. Healing is an intentional movement towards peace ~Salt & Neimark.” When everyone walks away rejuvenated, we have caught a glimpse of our fifth holistic mark.” ~Excerpt from ‘Expanding the Definition of Holistic’

At the point where everyone walks away rejuvenated, ‘holistic’ medicine might better be called ‘wholeness’ practice. Add Connection Medicine to everything you love to do with animals and the land. Develop your own win-wins with a variety of creatures. Join us in growing what is possible for you, with all.

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