I Have A Human-Animal Dream…

"Circle Up" ©Dr. Penny with wild horses of South Dakota

“Circle Up” ©Dr. Penny with wild horses of South Dakota

As Sir Winston Churchill said “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” For these modern times, I might add, “And the inside of a human for the outside of a horse”. For you see, I have a dream, a human-animal dream, a reciprocal dream …

Horses have a huge electromagnetic field – much bigger than humans. It is documented by science. Anyone who has spent time in the presence of a horse has felt the uplifting influence of that. In fact, many of us are much like crack addicts, returning again and again to horses for our ticket into the ‘natural high’. Horses help us discover what our own aligned presence feels like.

What if we were to embrace this gift horses bring and take it one step further? What if people develop their own abilities to align … and come together with animals and other humans to amplify that field further?

Simple techniques and biofeedback measures (such as HeartMath) can be used to build personal coherence. By practicing such skills, not only can we reduce stress and improve our personal well-being … we open the door to working with others in ways we dream of and yearn for the most.

As we learn to connect and leap-frog to new heights with others, what becomes possible? Could group resonance bring forth new levels of both human and animal genius? If so, can win-win ways be developed like never before? Could new ways of being, synthesized and amplified within a co-created field, replace old ‘health and other problem’ issues?

As science fiction as this may sound, it is already happening. It used to be rare in vet practice … but I see it often now … those special moments, when everything comes together, so beautifully, in such an effortless way, it feels like magic. I walk away from an appointment feeling more alive than ever before thinking “What a great new client!” or “What an amazing horse!!” or “Boy am I having a good day!!!” But there is more to it than that.

What used to be a one-way-doctor-treat-patient is turning into a multi-dimensional exchange between everyone present. Humans and animals synch up to create a field that resonates beyond what anyone could do alone. Within that field, new talents are born and qualities integrated. When a healing circle arises, everyone (not just the patient) walks away rejuvenated.

Is there a way to intentionally create a space for humans and animals to raise one another up, to both benefit from? YES.  By identifying key elements to bring us into connection with one another, we have a much better chance of synching up a bunch of liberty loving horse types to create a non-force field of positive change in the world!

The way I see it, anyone interested in freedom based, equal reverence partnership, and “playing well” with others are leading edge pioneers. As we all forge these new ways, it is changing what is becoming possible in veterinary and human medicine … as well as contributing to the health of the planet. The old Lone Ranger ways are closing, as we learn new collaborative ways with exponential potential. The old black medicine bag  could soon be replaced with new vibrant ways of well-being, created between all species.

For you see, I have a dream, a human-animal dream, a therapeutic way of life in the world dream. Where everywhere we walk, drive, sit, be … we join the world around us … in aligned awareness … to see, feel, listen, touch, do with empowered presence.   As we admire a tree, we feel a caress returned … and beam back a new spin … growing one another’s gifts … give and receive dissolving into a looping flow of reciprocity … in the new win-win game on the planet … cultivating unconditional love.

Maybe it is your dream too! Funny enough, no one can do new partnership ways alone. We need each other to bring this synergistic way more into practice.

So horse friends … inside for outside and outside for inside … one for all and all for one … LET’S RIDE!! Dr. Penny

PS.  If this sounds wonderful but far fetched, check out free webinar summarising 2014 research out of University of Arizona at https://www.heartmath.org/research/ called “Heart-to-Heart Communication With Horses”.  And yes, I do happen to be a certified HeartMath Coach!

PPS. Awhile ago l was getting 1000 spams a day and increased security. Now l hear people can’t ‘leave a reply’ below. Sorry for the inconvenience til l get it sorted out. Would love to hear from you – give me a buzz or better yet, let’s get together for a human-animal soul gathering in your neck of the woods!


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