“Hidden Treasures” browsing coffee table books PLAY, SOAR AS ONE and COMPASSION

Search ‘Dr.Penny’ or ‘Connection The Best Medicine’ at to preview or purchase ‘PLAY’, ‘SOAR AS ONE’ and ‘COMPASSION’.  These experiential picture books were written about the day I came to understand healing directly through an experience of deep connection.  They have lots of photos (from my last couple decades of connection adventures) and make great coffee table books.  Enjoy!

Preview and purchase ‘HEALING GAMES With Animals & Nature’ with COLOR photos for $19.95 at the following link: or the same book in BLACK AND WHITE for $9.95 at or as a COLOR ELECTRONIC kindle book for $9.95 from Amazon at  It is a guidebook with skills and games for healing interactions with animals.

My latest book ‘Connection Medicine with Animals’ is a collection of stories about doc discovering the heart of healing – and you can too.  It is full of lessons learned about what connection really means, how it feels, how to do it, and the joy and goodness arising from it.  It is my hope that these stories will empower and inspire other pioneers on the path of partnering with animals to expand what is possible for everyone.  Preview and purchase ‘CONNECTION MEDICINE with Animals’ with COLOR photos for $29.95 at the following link:

“Grand Vista of a Moose” © Dr. Penny at Grand Teton Natl Park, Wyoming

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  1. I have all of your books & LOVE them. Great messages & AWESOME pictures throughout them. Perfect gift for friends & family…M.A.K.

  2. Book review by Kai Nikilus: “Healing Games with Animals” came into my life at exactly the right moment…of course. It is written with great love and insight and intelligence, and no matter the level of connection you have with your animal companions, its lessons will deepen the bond and healing energy you share. As I read, I again tuned into my four-legged friends and really “got” the reasons we are together. They are truly my heroes. Kudos, Dr. Penny.

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