How to begin therapeutic interactions with your animal friends?

Call 360-502-1114 to schedule a group or private session with Dr. Penny, where everyone is invited to participate.  We team up animal wisdom, caretaker savvy, and leading edge Western Medicine, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Energy Healing and more.

You choose the topic to explore!  Topics can range from behavior issues, emergency first aid, or saddle fit … to therapeutic grooming, yoga, and liberty healing.  Or we can circle up on biggies like colic, laminitis, allergies, cancer and combine the science, art, and partnership of healing… with intent to break new ground, bypassing common disease and animal-human concerns.

How can we help one another?  Let’s create win-wins for all.  Group clinics start as low as $20 per person, while we raise $ for non-profits.  Private sessions start at $150 for one hour (plus trip charge and vet supplies).  Or ask about weekly  Skype, Phone, Zoom packages available for ongoing collaborative support in connection adventures.

Please note most of my veterinary experience is with horses, but I am pleased to offer connection mentoring for all species.


“Delicate Messengers” Monarch Butterflies © Dr. Penny at Morelia, Mexico

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