"What's possible?" Dr. P at W Vet Conference

“What’s possible?” ©Dr. P at Western Vet Conference 2017

Get started!  3 options:

  1. Group practice. No experience necessary.  Enjoy meeting new friends as we develop skills and play win-win games.  Take what you learn home to the animals you love!  Games are designed to promote wellness in both human and animal.  Location and topic varies, so visit ‘schedule’ page for details.  Let’s go to where your favorite animals are!

    "Sea of well being" © Dr. P, monk seals, sea turtle gathering Oahu

    “Sea of well being” © Dr. P, monk seals, sea turtle gathering Oahu

  2. Multi-day retreats allow us to weave a container for going deeper into what is possible with a specific species.  If you are interested in attending or hosting a specific species retreat, leave a text or voice message at 808-755-5693 or e-mail  Retreats available (but not limited to):  Dancing with Horses – The Medicine in Movement.    Prescription:  Cat Watch – More Than Purr Medicine.  Dog-on-it!!! – Grow the Gift of Canine. Photo Safari – Getting to know your wild neighbors.   

    "Doc Is In" Dr. P With Mija, LawnAcres, WA

    “Doc Is In” With Mija, © LawnAcres, WA

  3. Private Appointment. Call 808-755-5693 to schedule.  In these collaborative sessions we team up animal wisdom, caretaker savvy, as well as >30 years of experience in Western Medicine, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Energy Healing and more.  We explore the partnership potential of healing, along with leading edge art and science.  Most of Dr. Penny’s veterinary experience is with horses, but she is pleased to offer win-win mentoring for all species.
"Circle Up Feast" Dr. P Humpback Whale Bubble Net Feeding, Alaska

“Circle Up Feast” ©Dr. P Humpback Whale Bubble Net Feeding, Alaska

How can we help one another?  Let’s create win-wins for all.  Group Practice is inexpensive, promotes learning from one another, and raises money for worthy causes. Cost is $20 per person.  Multi-day Retreats start at $395 pp.  Private appointments are $150 per hour (plus trip charge and vet supplies).  More affordable packages on  Skype, Phone, Zoom are available for ongoing support.  Everything we do with animals can be therapeutic for all of us!

What topic would best suit your needs?  Example of a previous Group Clinic:NWESC Benefit

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