"Horse Happy" © Jeff Navarro, CO

“Horse Happy Doc” ©Jeff Navarro, CO


“After a lifetime studying various forms of medicine,   I have learned that deepening our connection with animals and nature is the most profound therapy of all.”

Dr. Penny Lloyd, Veterinarian



Dr. Penny Lloyd is fascinated with healing at the deepest levels of transformation.  Raised in the “Land of Living Skies” of rural Saskatchewan Canada, Dr. Lloyd was born with a love of animals and a farm size appetite for learning.

For >30 years, Dr. Penny Lloyd has practiced and integrated conventional and holistic veterinary medical techniques.  She earned her Bachelor in Agriculture in 1984 and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1988.  Dr. Lloyd has worked in private practices, and taught at both Indiana Purdue University and Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospitals.  She attained her certification in Acupuncture from International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1994 and Chiropractic by American Veterinary Chiropractic Association in 1995.

"Always Learning" ©Dr. Penny & Maddy

“Always Learning” ©Dr. P & Maddy, Snohomish, WA

Always motivated to learn how to help animals more, Dr. Lloyd has taken advanced professional training in Sports Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbs, Homeopathy, and Dentistry.  Other areas of study include: Saddle Fit, Massage, Physical Therapy, Reiki, Personality Types, Medical Intuition, Animal Communication, Sound Therapy, Healing Color, Equine Facilitated Learning, Mind Body Medicine, HeartMath, Hawaiian Ho’oponopono, Matrix Energetics, Shamanic Traditions, Theta Healing, Heart Circle Awakening, Human Animal Bond Training and Aqua Cranial Therapy.  Her library contains over 1000 books on wellness.

But it wasn’t until Dr. Penny got sick herself that she really learned about healing.  Like anyone desperate to get well, she went through all the diagnostics, procedures, and treatments Western Medicine had to offer.  She also tried Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Homeopathy and Herbs. But nothing helped.  When it seemed there was nothing more to do and no where else to turn, is when it happened…. she came to understand healing directly through an experience of surrender into deep connection.

"Transformation" Dr. Penny

“Transformation” ©Dr. Penny, Barking Sands, Kauai

Another study was underway.  What were the key repeatable ingredients? All that was necessary was to identify the skills, practice and refine them.  Observing her own life and the life of those she knew best, became her laboratory.  She studied the factors contributing to ailments as they appeared – noticing what vertebrae was “out” and where tension appeared in the body with certain stressors.  She observed the patterns common to both human and animal clients.  But most importantly, she studied the state of being to allow transformation and resolution of issues.

This has been Dr. Lloyd’s full-time study for over a decade and there is no end in sight.  She sees tapping into the realm of infinite possibilities as the new paradigm of medicine, veterinary medicine, and what is possible between people, animals, nature and all that is.  It is harnessing the creative power of the human mind, to work in harmony with all, for the good of all.  She likes to call it Connection Medicine – and integrates it into all the methods she is trained in.

"Connection the Best Medicine" ©Dr. Penny

“Connection Medicine” ©Dr. Penny and good friends, Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada

Dr. Penny is currently based in Oahu, Hawaii, but LOVES to travel to the call of connection adventures.  Let’s talk about what we could do together in your backyard!


Please visit ‘Schedule’ page for upcoming opportunities to circle up with friends of land and sea!


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