Dr. Penny Lloyd offers 3 ‘Connection Medicine’ mentoring options:

"Every Dogs Best Friend" ©Dr. P

“Every Dogs Best Friend” ©Dr. P

  1. Group Play Days
  2. Private Consultations
  3. Trips & Retreats

Please click on individual tabs under ‘Mentoring’ for more information on each option.  Group play days, private consult, and retreats provide different ways to build connection skill sets.  Three levels of connection skill sets (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) are described below:

CONNECTION MEDICINE with ANIMALS –             Skills to raise the quality of your life together  



Learn how to become an instrument for healing 

"Ready to Dance" ©Dr. Penny with Great Blue Heron, Coupeville WA

“Ready to Dance” ©Dr. Penny Great Blue Heron, Coupeville WA

Understand what a healing environment is and how you can set it up within and around you.  Just as a dancer strikes a pose before beginning to dance, learn to quickly enter a state conducive to healing before interactions with animals begin.  Not only will this improve your own well-being, it will enhance your ability to connect and communicate with animals.  Become more aware of the language of energy you carry and convey.  Learn to readily access a relaxed alert grounded neutral still point within it.  Participate in a ‘hands off’ healing session with an animal.  Receive a copy of ‘Connection Medicine’ when you begin the program.

Basic ‘Be’ Skills:  Human-Animal Connection, Animal Communication, Healing Presence, Energy Awareness 



Skills to bring healing to human-animal activity

"Connected Flock" ©Dr. Penny, New Mexico

“Connected Flock” ©Dr. Penny, New Mexico

Builds upon the skills learned in ‘basic’ to take healing into action.  Learn how to seamlessly enter a dance, instead of trampling on toes.  Avoid the disruptive stutter start stop that causes accidents on freeways and grumpy resistant animals.  Gain skills to merge smoothly into ongoing rhythm.  Match breathing and cadence to deepen connection to improve spatial awareness and sensitivity of touch.  Learn to work with energy to communicate with animals.  Participate in ‘walking meditation with animals’ and ‘hands on healing’ to enhance your ability to run ‘good chi’ during acupressure, massage, grooming, or any kind of activity you choose to explore with your animal.  Receive a copy of guidebook ‘Healing Games with Animals’.

Intermediate ‘Dobe’ Skills:  Connected Movement, Unobtrusive Touch, Healing Instrument in Action, Navigating Boundaries, Non-Resistant Energy Flow



Learn to co-create a win-win with another species

"St. Francis of Assisi Statue" ©Dr. Penny at Pet Blessing, St. Augustine-in-the-woods Episcopal Church, Freeland, WA

“St. Francis of Assisi Statue” ©Dr. Penny at Pet Blessing, St. Augustine-in-the-woods Episcopal Church, Freeland, WA

Have your own St. Francis moment.  Find Schumann Resonance on your radio dial.  Match and move in a state of non-resistant harmony with another species to sit, sway, walk, swim, fly or ride as one.  Or choreograph an original.  Learn to build healing energy in your hands and body.  Attune to the frequency needed to balance an acupressure point or energy field.  Draw from the larger world palette in cooperation with the species that developed it.  Playfully intermingle to unlock root transformations, to benefit both.  Cultivate the ultimate win-win, unconditional love, to create new wonderful ways to be and do in this world.  You may even discover a bypass for disease with your pal.  Whatever your win-win discovery may be, write it up so others may benefit.  Publish your story in the next Connection Medicine publication, to graduate from the program**.

Advanced ‘Dobedo’ Skills:  Frequency Attunement, Healing Instrument with Another, Interspecies Synergy, Mutual Ascension, Therapeutic Games

**Students demonstrating proficiency in skills are eligible for CM Certification.  *No actual dance required 🙂

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