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"Mutual massage" ©Dr. Penny & Jungle

“Mutual massage” ©Dr. Penny & Jungle

Now offering basic, intermediate, and advanced ‘skills to raise the quality of your life together’.  At least one hour of instruction at each level (described on ‘Mentoring’ page) is recommended to progressively master skills.  But one session will give you everything you need to begin exploring the endless possibilities of what Connection Medicine can do for you and your animal.  Begin your human-animal team approach to health care today by calling 360-502-1114 to schedule a private INDIVIDUAL or GROUP consultation.   

COST:  $150 per hour of basic, intermediate or advanced private consultation (plus trip, other vet services** & supplies).

Dr. Penny is currently licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Washington, Hawaii and British Columbia, Canada.  Mentoring can be combined with veterinary services.  However, please note that **most of her veterinary experience is with horses.  Only ‘Connection Medicine’ mentoring is available for all species.

What does an equine veterinary appointment look like? 

"Team Approach" ©Maleah Jacobs, Animal Communicator with Yogi and Dr. Penny

“Team Approach” ©Maleah Jacobs, Animal Communicator with Yogi and Dr. Penny

Your appointment will look just like what you would expect from any veterinary service that integrates the best of western medicine with acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, and other methods, with three key differences:

  1. Humans are encouraged to learn connection skills so they can more fully participate in the healing process.  Clients are invited to actively practice connection skills throughout the appointment and anytime they interact with their animal.  As skills develop, so does our ability to facilitate the healing process. 
  2. Animals are invited to bring their qualities and be part of the healing circle too. Humans and animals are treated as equals.  Two way interactions based on mutual respect are encouraged.  A state of no resistance is conducive to healing.  Therefore, it makes sense to have an animal’s full cooperation.  Learning communication skills helps us more fully appreciate what an animal offers.
  3. Follow-up treatment may include a therapeutic game, specific to the situation. Contrary to what many think, healing is not serious business.  A fun, light, playful attitude facilitates healing.  Often a game incorporating a technique (for example acupressure) from medical training is prescribed.  The game is played by animal and caretaker for mutual benefit.



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