Where in the world is Dr. P?  June 1-18, 2018 Oahu.  June 19- 24 Kauai.  June 25-? Oahu.

"My first selfie, to see who was up there!" ©Dr. P at Sea Life Park

“My first selfie, to see who was up there!” ©Dr.P, Sea Life Park

Come join Dr. Penny on weekly connection adventures with animals and the land (public is welcome July, Aug, Sept)!  Everyone is invited to participate, as we circle up with friends of land and sea, to discover what may become possible between us for the good of all. Location varies (see details below).  Let’s go to where your favorite animals are!

To begin adventures, we explore a skill set to heighten our awareness and awaken win-win ways.  Then we put skills into practice interacting with animals and the land.  To conclude, we circle up to talk story (in a specific format to enhance sharing experience).

JUNE 2018:  Connection Medicine Research & Training.  Dr. Penny will focus on private training with co-facilitators to prepare for JULY weekly Sunday morning public adventures.  Also in July (for those who cannot make it in person) join us online Wednesday morning, to further explore the topic of the week.  Suggestion box for topics is OPEN!  E-mail and let us know topics you would like to participate in exploring together.  We will do our best to consider animal perspective on the topic too!

JULY 2018:  Weekly topic and location to be announced! 


"Wolphin Dance" ©Dr. P, girl synching up with wolphin, false killer whale x bottlenose dolphin, Sea Life Park, HI

“Synch Up” ©Dr. P, girl & dolphin playing, Sea Life Park, HI

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E-mail or leave a voice message at 808-755-5693 with suggestions on your favorite location or a topic query for a future gathering.

"Win-Win Paradise" ©Dr P, Bee with Lotus, Foster Botanical Garden

“Win-Win Paradise” ©Dr P, Bee with Lotus, Foster Botanical Garden


"Friendly Fish Faces" © Dr P with interactive Koi in Keiki Zoo HNL

“Friendly Fish Faces” © Dr P & interactive Koi in Keiki Zoo HNL


"Natural Art" ©Dr. P with Sea Turtle, Oahu

“Natural Art” ©Dr. P with Sea Turtle, Paradise Cove, Oahu

Submit a short story (500 word max with photo) or video clip (5 minute max) about your win-win discovery with animals, for a chance to win a complimentary seat ($395 value) at an upcoming Multi-day Adventure!  Where we weave a friendly container for playing at much deeper, profoundly connected levels.  I can hardly wait to see what’s possible between you and me, land and sea!

"Animal Ambassador" © Dr P with Casper cultivating the love of animals, Keiki Zoo HNL

“Casper Magic” © DrP with goat cultivating a generation of care, Keiki Zoo HNL

"Lovebirds" © Douglas at Sea Life Park Interactive Exhibit

“Lovebird Landing” © Douglas, Sea Life Park

"Color Buffet" ©Dr. P and Koi at Pagoda Water Garden

“Color Buffet” ©Dr. P and Koi at Pagoda Water Garden

"Dancing Fish" © Dr P & Koi, HNL Zoo

“Graceful Dancer” © Dr P & Koi, HNL Zoo


"Highlights" © Dr P with Kai, Kai Mana Sanctuary

“Highlights” © Dr P with Kai, Kai Mana Sanctuary



"Little Thins" © Dr P, Foster Botanical Garden

“Little Things” ©Dr P Foster Botanical Garden

"Big Things" © Dr P Ceiba Pentandra Kapok tree, Foster Garden

“Big Things” © Dr P Ceiba tree, Foster Garden

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