Trips & Retreats

Trips & Retreats

"CO Smorgasborg" ©Dr.P

“Smorgasborg of Yum” ©Dr.P

Please call 360-502-1114 to set up a private or public, individual or group, trip or retreat.  If it has to do with exploring new ways to interact with animals for mutual benefit, count me in!!

Call me with your ideas.  Connection Medicine can bring new joy to any endeavor with animals.  It could be a wildlife photo trip with a few close friends.  Or a week at the spa or a dude ranch with daily mentoring.  Or one day a month dedicated to creating a human-animal team approach to better living with your dearest animal pals at home.

"Better Than Ever Together"

“Better Than Ever Together” ©Dr.P

Or a heart brainstorming weekend with your favorite liberty coach, riding instructor, or animal communicator.  Or gaining insight and skills to actively participate in transforming a current health challenge.

Whatever it is, it is always about feeling better and better yet in all that we do with animals!  So let me know how I can best support you in that endeavor.

"Stories from the deep" Dr. Penny with whales in Alaska

“Stories from the deep” ©Dr. Penny with whales in Alaska


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