“Slow Dance Rumble Purr Heart Therapy” Whispers&Sis ©Dr.Penny

The PET Prescription?

Yep, it’s actually happening now.  Pets are being prescribed in the human medical field!  Scientific evidence is growing.  Medical doctors are climbing on board to support what those who love animals, have always known.  Pets are good for us!  Research shows petting an animal lowers blood pressure.  So does watching a fish in an aquarium.  Cats reduce anxious outbursts in Alzheimer patients.  They also calm caregivers.  A nature walk improves attention span in attention deficit disorder children.  Pet exposure during infancy reduces allergies.  Science shows that dogs increase how long we live after a heart attack.  The list goes on… Did you know that cat owners are actually 37% less likely to die of a heart attack?  That number is HUGE!  (That is why I live with two cats, and hmm… playing the numbers, should probably get one more. :))  

What I wonder is what would that number be if people were taught a few basic connection skills??? 

“Proud Powerful Elegant Equine Elixir” Bacardi © Dr. Penny

Dr. Penny is excited to participate in research projects to support the growing evidence of the value of animals and nature in our lives.  She is particularly interested in providing “healing interaction skills” instruction to groups receiving animal and nature therapy, so that the results may be compared to control groups.

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